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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Here's a hodge podge of news nuggets for you to chew on:

Don (the guy in the bright green shirt in the back) from Dead Whale Tide emailed last week with great news, being that a DWT album is still somewhat in the works. Justin (the singer) may come down in February and/or March to tie up loose ends with the music, after which Don plans to master the recordings and have a disc for all and any that would like one. There will be 8 full-band tracks and possibly a couple of instrumental jams thrown in. I'm crossing my fingers that this works out.

Single Frame has a new, full-length remix album in the works, due out on Volcom late March/early April! Who the hell ever knew they had this coming!? I'm dying for more details on this, which the band promises will come soon. Also, for a full photo recap of their last tour with Mixel Pixel, go here.

Stereogum has announced the details of their first sxsw showcase for this year's festival. It'll be a Thursday day show at The Parish, with free goodies and liquor already being promised. What the hell has this to do with the Austin music scene you ask? Well, besides the event being a part of sxsw which is a part of the Austin scene, our very own What Made Milwaukee Famous is on the bill, playing after Aloha and before Thunderbirds are Now!, Rogue Wave, and Ted Leo! This should be a great opportunity for them to get some larger exposure that they've been needing.

Passover, the debut LP from The Black Angels, will be released by Light In The Attic Records on April 11th, pushed back from March 28th. It will be ten tracks, six of which have been previously released on one (or both, in the case of Black Grease) of these EPs. Without further adieu, here is the album cover and tracklist:

01 - Young Men Dead
02 - The First Vietnamese War
03 - Sniper at the Gates Of Heaven
04 - The Prodigal Sun
05 - Black Grease
06 - Manipulation
07 - Empire
08 - Better Off Alone
09 - Bloodhounds on My Trail
10 - Call to Arms

The Paper South is a new shoegazerish Austin band, comprised of three parts ex-Winslow and one part ex-American Analog Set. They have a six song EP in the works and will be playing during sxsw, at which time I will finally get to check them out. I'll be profiling them in greater detail later. In the meantime, go check out a couple of their first tunes at their myspace page.

Finally, and this isn't really news, go check out this video of The Arm absolutely ripping it up on their KVRX Local Live performance. It's a rather large download, but I promise it's worth it. I must have watched the damn thing 10 times by now.


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Anonymous Ru said...

Derek, what band did you say was the The Notwist side project? I think I tried sampling it, and it didn't sound Notwist-y at all.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

That's Ms. John Soda. It's the pop side project of Notwist bassist Micha Archer.

11:38 AM  

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