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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Threadless SXSWi Winners Announced

Peep that hot banana action! I dig the shirt, but what's even cooler than the shirt are these pictures of this big husky dude wearing it. I'm not a big yellow fan (or banana fan, for that matter), so I might end up reneging on my promise to buy the winning shirt. All the submissions were good, but I personally thought there were better shirts than the winners.


While SXSW is still on the brain, check out See You In The Pit for some tunage by a bunch of bands that will be descending on Austin during spring break. I'll be doing some of this on a variety of local Austin acts as the festival draws closer.


Anonymous RedHaring said...

Dude...peep that shit - that banana is made of batteries.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Snaps said...

I thought you were a fan of my banana, Derek?

3:53 PM  

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