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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Zykos Gets Dumped On

So, I go through my daily routine today of showing up to work at 10:00 and reading through my list of blogs, zines, email, more blogs, torrent sites, etc. until about noon. Then, right when I feel like I might be able to pull off some work, it's time for lunch. Sweet.

Anyhow, we go to the always fantastic Foodheads and I spot the new Chronicle and start thumbing through it. I hit the music page and am excited to see a short recap on Emo's free week. Into the second column I surprisingly hit upon this little nugget:

"For every convert the Glass Family made Saturday night, someone else swore Zykos would never invade their eardrums again."

Wow, that is harsh. Being one of my favorite local bands and having seen them many times, I was more than shocked to read this. Mike Booher and Co. usually put on an intensely great live show, but recent new recruits at the drum and guitar positions might have made this a shaky show. But then again, I read that blood was literally shed during this show over at their Myspace page, so how could it have possibly sucked!?

I have yet to find anyone that actually saw this show to get an accurate report. All my friends either flaked out or got there too late after the venue was already at capacity. Did anyone out there actually attend?


Blogger Tim said...

I was surprised to see the dis as well. I thought it was the best Zykos show I've seen yet (not a huge fan, but I've seen a few shows).

3:44 AM  

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