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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Arm, The Glass Family @ Red Eyed Fly, 2/3/06

Last Friday I checked out The Arm and The Glass Family at The Red Eyed Fly for the Dell Childrens Medical Center benefit. Despite the great line-up, this snippet from The Arm's myspace bulletin was what sealed the deal for my attendance:

"Not only are we playing with some stellar bands, but it's for a good cause, and we'll be done in time for you to skip back over to Beerland for the Brothers and Sisters CD release. Little coughing children with tubes up their noses implore you to come."

I know I'm an evil bastard for laughing at that, but how could I not? I know your lame ass didn't make it to the show, so here's some pics so you can see what you missed:

Sean "Oh-No" O'Neal screaming his face off

Kevin Bybee on the kit and Alex Ramirez on bass

Sean trying out his Eminem impression

Tony Daugherty on drums, Brian Hubbard on guitar,
and Michael Winningham on vocals/guitar

Michael doing a solo closer

The Arm's new record, Call You Out, will be out this coming April on Indierect Records (check out that Belaire 7" that I'm "Currently Peeping"). I'll be working with Daniel of Indierect by hosting some ads for this sure-to-be-great release as well as other upcoming gems on the label.

Finally, here's a great Arm track that I suspect will be on the new record:

::: The Arm - Vile Lies :::

As usual, if you dig, get off your sorry ass and go see them this Friday with the great Ghostland Observatory at Emo's.


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