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Friday, February 10, 2006

Belaire (7" Release), Loxsly @ The Parish, 2/4/2006

Last Saturday (yes, I'm slow at posting pictures... i know) I attended night three of sxsw jr., the Belaire Haunted Castle 7" release party at The Parish. I was a bit tired from previous nights spent showgazing/drinking, but this party provided plenty of positive energy to keep me going through the rest of the weekend (and sxsw jr. night four, coming later today).

A special thanks to Allen and for hooking me up with a guestlist spot for the show and a free copy of the aforementioned 7". There was a possibility that I might not have made it out otherwise, and I'm damn glad I didn't make that mistake.

Anyhow, back to the show. Loxsly, yet another great local group (whose cd I'm very much in like with; see image), opened the show following a party-warming set by DJ Ian. Unfortunately, I showed up just in time to see them tearing down their gear, but thankfully I'll get to see that action at the upcoming Wall of Sound Festival, happening April 8-9 (which is looking incredible, by the way).

Ok, so Belaire came on around 11:45 and straight ripped it up. These guys (from Voxtrot) and gals (two cute sisters) played some great tunes that I hadn't even heard before, but to which I was bobbing my head non-stop. Their happiness, energy, and dancing skeletons had the place in total party mode. Without further adieu, here are the pics:

Check that skeleton in the back

Matt Simon on drums, looking possessed

Cari doing her thing
(Is this Cari or Christa? I couldn't find out anywhere
I found out; Thanks Daniel)

Cari, Jason, and Christa (left to right) from behind the stage

Hipsters dancing to DJ Ian

Jason, wowing the ladies


Red Hunter of Peter and The Wolf was at the party and was gettin' his sweaty groove on. This is pretty much my favorite picture I've ever taken (click the picture for full-on, "in yo face" version). I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Caption via Ryan Catbird.



Anonymous angryrobot said...

I really enjoy Belaire. Do you know if any of the local shops have the new 7" for sale yet?

11:39 AM  
Blogger Derek said...

hey robot, i'm not sure if any local shops have it yet, but i know you can buy it from Indierect for $5 (4 songs on there, so it's a pretty sweet deal). i would guess that end of an ear might be the best place to look for this.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waterloo and End of An Ear have the 7 inch!

nice pics! thank you so much for comin out!


9:04 PM  
Anonymous angryrobot said...

Picked up a copy of the 7' at End of an Ear this afternoon!

3:29 PM  
Anonymous angryrobot said...

You may already have found these, but here's a bunch of Belaire pics I have posted at Flickr:

3:32 PM  

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