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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News Time

Ok, I'm back from vacation. Onward, young blogger. So, I've returned with a sack full of news treats for you, unearthed from the various corners of cyberspace.

First and foremost, I am, as of 30 minutes ago, the proud owner of two 2006 SXSW Music wristbands! "Wtf?", you say. Well, subscribers to the SXSW Music text message list were notified around 7:00pm this evening that 600 wristbands were on sale at Waterloo Records, and so my ass booked it downtown in record time and scored the two beauties you see below. See, text messaging isn't lame after all.

More of these babies will be going on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00am, at again, Waterloo Records. I'll be showing up for round two of this madness, but I'm not exactly how early I'll be out there. What do you think is reasonable?

Moving on. Passover, The Black Angels' forthcoming LP, is just about leaked according to various sources. While frothing at the mouth over said rumor, I was able to track down an Aussie on a messageboard who claims he already has the record. Homeboy says that it actually gets released down under next week and that he's had the promo for over a month now! Talk about hosing the hometown fans. Anyhow, I hope this dude comes through, because I'm about to burst at the seams with anticipation over this one.

While on the topic of the Angels, did anyone else see that short-lived review of Passover on Tiny Mix Tapes yesterday? They gave it a 3/5 and kinda crapped on the record, so naturally I fired back and sent a harsh email to the editors notifying them that not only was the review bunk, but that they had posted the wrong album cover and tracklisting! I never received a reply, but the review mysteriously vanished about 30 minutes after I sent my complaint. I'll mark that as one more in the win column.

Ok, one more thing on the Angels. Check out two (count 'em, two!) live perfomances by the band: one on the KEXP Podcast and the other at

In other news, there's a new For Those Who Know track called "Looking and Waiting" that you can stream at their myspace page. It's definitely worth a listen.

Last, but certainly not least, some quick news on my favs, Single Frame. Now, although I sorely missed last Thursday's amazing show while on vacation, I did manage to hunt down some pics of the affair over at Zach-o-matic's (of Dead Whale Tide, no less) flickr page. Check out the one below, with who must be the unofficial new member, Kevin, on the far left.

Well, that's all good and stuff, but where the hell is Ian? If he's being replaced, that's two guitar shake-ups for the band in the last year. Hopefully Kevin sticks around, that is if I'm really onto something here.

Ok, that wraps us this one folks. I'm off to gaze Peter and The Wolf and their 20-piece hobo orchestra at Emo's, which promises to be amazing. Full photo-blogging love coming tomorrow.


Blogger Chris said...

i've had this record for about a month as me.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where are the sound team photos?

8:53 AM  
Blogger Derek said...

thanks for calling my bluff, whoever you are. i'll try to get my slacker ass to post those up later today, after the peter and the wolf pictures from last night.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Passover is amazing! I had a friend send it to me from Australia.

6:03 PM  

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