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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Official SXSW Show Schedule, Version 1

In the blogger tradition of telling you (the readers) exactly what we (the bloggers) are into (a la year end lists, etc., etc., etc.), here's my tentative schedule for the official SXSW showcases. I simply used the sxsw personal calendar feature on and then saved the html it generated, if you were curious.

Of course, this is all assuming that you give a shit about me and my taste in music, but I figure why would you be reading this if you didn't? (touche!). With that said, here it is:

SXSW Show Schedule, Version 1 (fyi, highlighted entries will be my first choice)

Yeah, I know that's a ridiculously obsene number of bands on there (164 to be exact), but I always like to include every band that I might like to see, so that if and when I get shut out of all my other options, I'm not sitting around with my thumb up my ass. Make sense? Good. Now just to sort through that list of 1726082 day shows...


Anonymous nick said...

Oh Derek, we give a shit and you know that.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous ru said...

I also give a shit. I will buy you a beer at BRMC to prove it. Hell, I'll buy Nick a beer too.

7:29 AM  

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