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Monday, February 06, 2006

Tonewheel Collective Happy Hour @ Beerland, 2/1/06

To kick off sxsw jr., Ru and I checked out the second biweekly Tonewheel Collective happy hour at Beerland last Thursday. Red Hunter, Jared from Voxtrot/Sparrow House, and others put on a really cool, relaxed set that went perfectly with a few beers after a long work day.

This was my first time attending one of these shows and I can't wait to see another one (I'll miss the Feb. 16th show while skiing, but will be there Mar. 2nd). It was also my first time witnessing Red Hunter perform live, and I have to say that he more than lives up to all the hype surrounding him and his current project, Peter and The Wolf. Check out a few pics from the show (click each image to see the full-size version):

Tonewheel Collective, with Red on the mic. That's Jared
from Voxtrot on the far left.

Red, solo

Everyone on stage. FYI, Red shirt guy plays one hell
of a good steel guitar.

On a related note, I received my copy of the Peter and The Wolf LP in the mail the same day, and man is it incredible. It contains within it's 12 tracks some of the best folk music I've ever heard, and I'd like to think that that statement carries a lot of weight.

If my praise doesn't sell you, then check out this gleaming review by foxy digitalis. And finally, if you haven't already heard it, go download "The Fall" from Pitchfork's Free Downloads page.


Anonymous rosa/gpv said...

glad you enjoyed the show so much.. it was pretty awesome. the other guys that are contributors to tonewheel are martin crane (ink), nathan stein-red shirt guy(tacks, the boy disaster/the early tapes), mark ashworth (ink), josh permenter (peel), and red hunter (peter and the wolf)

11:59 AM  
Blogger Derek said...

thanks for the info! i felt bad for not naming everyone since they were all great, but I really didn't know their names.

also, i wasn't familiar with gpv before, but what you're doing is awesome. keep it up.

12:29 PM  
Blogger nhennies said...

Don't forget Nick Hennies! Hey, that's me!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous allen said...

agreed, that show was awesome

and don't forget dakota smith!

12:47 PM  

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