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Friday, March 31, 2006

This Weekend

As it turns out, there's some really good stuff going on this weekend over at everyone's favorite shithole, Emo's.

Tonight, Friday, 3/31

INSIDE STAGE: Local indie show Peter and the Wolf/ Possesed by Paul James/ Madeline/ The Harpeth Trace / Navajo Radio

Man, I have fallen crazy in love (yes, just like Beyonce) with that Peter and the Wolf self-titled LP I bought a couple months ago. It's probably my favorite disc of folk tunes ever. No lie.

In addition to his beautiful recordings, Red's live show is like no other you've ever witnessed. Put simply, every time I see him perform I am reminded of why I came to love music in the first place. His raw, genuine passion for song makes me forget about all the fashion, trends, and pretentiousness attached to this whole music thing. I get happy when I see this guy perform, and that's all I care about.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 4/1

OUTSIDE STAGE: Black Angels (cd release) / Bellaparker / Strange Boys/ Angelus.

Now, shifting gears from folk to dirty, psychadelireverbifried rock. Be here Saturday night to celebrate the release of The Black Angels' fantastic debut LP, Passover. This was the only band I saw three times at SXSW, and they live in Austin no less. That's how flippin' good they are. Here's track one off of the new record:

Also, friends of a friend The Strange Boys will be opening, who are quite good in their own right. Listen to some songs here. Said friend promises that they blow away their recorded work live, so go check them out and shake his hand when they become your new favorite band.

See you at the piss trough...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Single Frame Tracklist

Single Frame's upcoming release, Everything Wants To Be Used For What It Was Made For, will play into your ears April 25 in the following manner:

01 Icon
02 Guess What Angel
03 Taken For A Walk (Unreleased Dimeslot)
04 Silver Crime Lining (Abandoned Demo)
05 Clippership (Machine Remix)
06 Exact Copy (Witch Dr. Remix by J-Mprint)
07 Nobody
08 Flying Circus (Apartment Mix)
09 Damaged (Fragments)
10 Post Daydream (First Day Demo)
11 Foral Design (Straight Line Remix by J-Mprint)
12 Sore For Change
13 Undergroung At Noon (Sunlight Hits Remix By Creepy Kid)
14 Dry Lips (Car Stereo Wars Remix by Chris Rose)
15 People Are Germs (Monaster Mash-up remix By Nick Zinner)
16 Digital Witness (Protection remix by Creepy Kid)
17 Float Over Oregon

Preview tracks 3 and 6 over at their Myspace page.

And because no showgazer post would be complete without atleast one live shot, here's a couple from Single Frame's opening SXSW performance at The Jackalope.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

SXSW Highlight: Band of Horses... Twice. (Bitch)

Yeah, that's right... Band of Horses times two for me, suckas. This was the "must see" band of SXSW for me and several other friends, all of us having been obsessed with their phenomenal Everything All The Time over the last couple months.

I'll never forget the god forsaken line we had to wait in for over two hours outside of Red Eyed Fly to see these guys (watching as David Cross, Ryan Schreiber, and countless other hot shots strolled right in), but holy hell was it worth it. Trust me, they deserve that rating. Rolling in with more tats than a group of escape convicts, and even more guitars on top of that, these guys rocked face at their SubPop showcase. Have a look:

Singer Ben Bridwell

Guitarist Mat Brooke

Uhhh... playing the show

Dude's voice is legit, as well as that neck tat

He stands too!

Wicked good drummer

Band of Guitars?

And then it was over to the End of And Ear in-store on Saturday. They would have been flawless if that Georgia shirt was burnt orange and had a longhorn on it.

Full Band

The two Official Horses; those pictures on the wall
were hanging straight at one point.

Singin' and Strummin'

Bassist and Keyboardist

Three string bass and lonestar

Monday, March 20, 2006

SXSW: Sam's Best Of

A good buddy of mine, Sam (aka Snead, Snizzle, etc.), sent out this email with his SXSW favorites. Since his lame ass has no online presence, I figured I'd share it with you right here seeing as I pretty much agree with all of his picks. Plus, I love having other chumps write my content for me (just kidding Sam... but not really). And the winners are:


Best Show: Band of Horses. Too hard to pick between the two shows I saw, but I really dug the in-store. The band seemed less nervous not in front of loads of sub pop fools. But I can’t discount the 2+ hours we waited to get into the showcase show. These guys are amazing.

Best Overall Experience: KEXP @ ACL. This was just cool. The ACL studio was small, intimate and everything sounded perfect. And the KEXP people I met were all really cool. Only complaint was no beer. Oh well…some sober(ish) shows are fun too.

Best Surprise... "We Are Actually Legit Live!": Editors. Man, these guys sounded so good at the KEXP broadcast. They were on fire.

Most Bizzare, But Glad I Went: Art Brut. It was oddly entertaining. The singer is just bizarre. The Pringles-can-man moustache is legit. And before every song: [in think brit accent] “Ready Art Brut?” good times.

Best Dancer/Craziest Singer: Ghostland Observatory. Oh man I’m glad I saw them finally. That singer is mad crazy w/ the dancing and Willie Nelson braids. A definite must see.

Best Celeb Encounter: trying to con David Cross into sneaking us into the Sub Pop showcase, then finding out after we got in that he wasn’t trying to snub us. He just was worried about coming up w/ his own story to get in, which was actually quite lame, but worked for him. funny/cool dude.

Honorable Mentions: running into Aaron Dessner from The National … while wearing my National t-shirt. Someone needed to rep them in their absence I told him. He appreciated it. Also confirming from the source that the band was indeed not one of the many “special guest” slots at the festival. (I got more random love from that shirt than I did all week … the word is out. The National are legit. FYI)

SXSW Highlight: Envelopes @ The Parish, 3/15/06

So SXSW 2006 is over, and predictably, I feel like ass. While not as great a festival for me as previous years, I have to say that there were some damn fine moments and some bands seen that absolutely blew me away. One such band was Envelopes, who happened to be playing the first official showcase slot of the festival (8:00pm on Wednesday for those not familiar). I must thank Ryan Catbird for the suggestion on seeing these guys (and gal), for their blend of quirky synth-rock all the way from Sweden was exactly what I needed to pep me up after an afternoon of boozing. And speaking of Sweden, seriously go pick up that Hemstad disc from Catbird Records ASAP. These Swedes make some seriously fun music, surely to elevate you above that case of the Mondays you're no doubt enduring at the moment.

Anyhow, back to Evelopes. Check out these pics, and try your best not to fall in love with guitarist Audrey Pic:

Martin Karlsson on bass

Henrik Orrling and Audrey Pic on guitars/vocals

Check Henrik's shirt... apparently he's an Envelopes fan

Audrey is the cutest musician I've ever seen, hands down

Filip Ekander on drums

Rockin' out

What's up? She looks nice right?

Sike! Sexy time.

And that's Fredrik Berglind-Dehlin in the back, wearing his favorite band shit too

Now run over to Catbirdseat and download a bunch of their tunes... run!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Black Angels' Guitar on eBay

Damn, talk about a sad story here, folks. Christian, the lead guitarist for The Black Angels, has been forced to part with his beautiful left-handed Rickenbacker due to unexpected financial circumstances. Here's a bit more straight from their Myspace bulletin:

"We hope a deserving left handed black angels fan bids on it and uses it to start the revolution. We'd rather a fan owned his guitar rather than a random person, so that maybe one day Christian can be reunited to his beloved Rick."

So, if you're left-handed and a Black Angels fan (which you have no excuse not to be by now), get to bidding! Or, if for some reason you don't have several grand lying around, at least go and pre-order the new record here.


Also: Anyone else see that weekly feature picture over on Pitchfork's homepage? That thing sure looks familiar.

Best. Single Frame. Video. Ever.

Remember that funny Single Frame picture I posted the other day? Well, apparently it was taken from the filming of their new video for the Nick Zinner remix of "People Are Germs". The guys over at Super!Alright! did an amazing job on this one. Check it out.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Arm - The Privileged Few

So, The Arm have a new mp3 for everyone to download, and it's off their upcoming record, Call You Out, coming out April 14th on Indierect Records. "The Privileged Few" is definitely a bit of a different sound for The Arm, but I think I like it. The guitar riff seems to drive the song this time around rather than a sinister bass line, it's a bit poppier than usual, and there's even guest vocals from Jennifer Stephens of Young Heart Attack. Have a listen:

::: The Arm - The Privileged Few :::

Here's another one from the new record (from The Arm's SXSW page):

::: The Arm - Vile Lies :::

Also: I finally managed to recover all of my pictures from last Sunday's Will Johnson In-Store + the BRMC show at the Parish. My camera's media card got all jacked up, but thanks to technology all was not lost. I'll try to have a recap posted soon.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Myspace News Dump

These items just in from the Myspace bulletin board:

Via Cue:

There's a really cool free pre-SXSW show this Friday over at Beerland. Here's the lineup:

9:30 - Horse + Donkey (from the most awesome fucked up planet ever)
10:15 - The Donkeys (San Diego)
11:00 - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (San Francisco/Chicago, on Tomlab records)
12:00 - Cue (from your mom's house)
1:00 - "Pleasyure Seizyure" (from 20,000 leagues under the sea)

UPDATE: Pleasyure Seizyure is actually The Octopus Project. One more reason for you to check out this show.

Cue is always good and I'm liking some of this Casiotone stuff I've heard. Here's a track:

::: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas :::


Via The Black Angels:

Pre-order their excellent upcoming LP, Passover, here.


Lastly, via Whisky And Apples:

"hey folks,the amazing ralph white will do his wise banjo playing and i will do some weird stuff starting at 9:30 over there at carousel. it's a super low key deali'm gonna downtune all my guitar strings so they just make weird noises and sing chants


any of my comrades free to play my washtub bass and someone else to smack it like a drum? write back if you're free and feel like gettin down tonight. probly in front of like six people so we can get weeeeeird."


Single Frame Funnies

Alright, alright, I know I talk about Single Frame too much, but I love these guys. And this picture just makes me laugh my ass off. I don't know why... maybe because poor Jason had to put on all that black shoe polish, or maybe because Ian is covered in toilet paper, or maybe it's that cheeseball count dracula costume Adreon is wearing. At any rate, this picture makes my day.

Also, in real news, go check out an unreleased SF remix over the the Volcom Volcast page. Creepykid does his thing with "Exact Copy of This in the Basement", which I suspect will be on the upcoming remix LP, Everything Wants to Be Used for What It Was Made For.

Finally, go read this post by truecraig for a list of the best places to be in order to get your free grub and drink on during SXSW. Then, go read his hilarious blog.

Good day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WIll Johnson In-Store | BRMC Tonight

Just a quick reminder about a couple great shows that you don't want to miss this evening.

First, to kickstart your night, go see Will Johnson play some Centro-Matic tunes off of their excellent new LP, Fort Recovery, which coincidently, comes out today. He plays at 7pm at End Of An Ear, and yes, it's free. Be there.

Then, go get a bit to eat, have some drinks, and head downtown to catch BRMC at The Parish. And as an added bonus, assclowns Elefant have even cancelled their appearance at the show tonight. It appears that lead corpse-molester Diego Garcia has fractured his heal and has been ordered by his doctors to rest his feet, meaning no Texas perfomances. Damn, this means we won't get to watch him lick the faces of random audience members. What a fucking bummer! But serioulsy, Voyager One, a wicked good shoegazer act out of Seattle, will be playing in their absense. I'm also expecting good things from opener The Morning After Girls.

Check these tunes if you're not yet convinced that this show is worth seeing:

And I know SXSW is right around the corner and you have to rest your feet, masturbate to your shiny pink wristbands, and plan out your lame-o schedule. Well fuck off. Don't be a schlub and come to the show.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Arm @ Beerland, 3/4/2006

These guys need no introduction. Anyone that reads this thing knows that The Arm is one of my favorite bands around. I can be content with seeing most acts once a year, but I can't keep myself from going to every fucking Arm show in town, no matter what shit bar they're playing.

Their intensity is addictive, and I fear it's only gonna get worse after the new album comes out. Speaking of which, I confirmed last night that Call You Out contains 8 tracks (like the debut), runs about 30 minutes long, and is guaranteed to melt your face.

"Oh No!"

Kevin has a tendency to look drunk when playing
the kit (or is he really just wasted?)

Ramirez's basslines are ridiculous

Alex, making that brick wall even more brittle

The grand finale where Sean tries to break
his organ yet again

See all 18 photos at my flickr page.

If you're from out of town and you don't see these guys at SXSW, you deserve to be shot. Straight up. You won't see a more intense and in your face show all week. Also check The Austin Showlist to see which unofficial shows they're playing.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness @ Emo's, 3/2/2006

Just a quick post before I head off to let The Arm massacre my eardrums (for the 12,578,489th time) at Beerland tonight. So, as promised, here is the ol' photo recap from I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness' CD Release show at Emo's the other night.

As I mentioned, the party didn't end on Thursday after leaving the Single Frame/Loxsly show at The Parish, and so after Single Frame wrapped up around 12:30 I headed over to Red River just in time to catch ILYBICD's 12:40 set. I hadn't seen these guys since they opened up for The Album Leaf last year, so I was looking forward to hearing the new tunes off of their stellar debut LP, Fear Is On Our Side, performed live.

If there's one thing worth mentioning about this show, it has to be how well these guys play together in the live setting. As I commented over at The Rich Girls Are Weeping, Christian Goyer and Co. without a doubt take the cake as Austin's tightest band these days. Here's hoping they get the credit they deserve once the new album hits shelves next week.

The full band

Christian Goyer sounded awesome

I can't get enough of Edward Robert's bass lines,
especially the one on "According to Plan" (mp3)

I, by posting this photo, in no way endorse
the consumption of Miller Lite (unless it's free)

See all 7 photos from this show at my flickr page.

In other ILYBICD news, Depraved Fan Girls posted a great article on them and their new record here.

Also, be sure to see them at SXSW, and if you're from Austin, I'd also recommend checking them out before the SXSW Music madness ensues at the following (now free and open to the public) event:

March 12 -, Flickr, Happy Hour - Iron Cactus (6th and Trinity)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Single Frame, Loxsly @ The Parish, 3/2/2006

Wow, last night was hectic, but in the best way possible. I was fortunate enough to catch three great bands at two venues, one such band even being my all-time favorite (and I'm not talking just locally). Last night's nominees for showgazer's favorite band (ever): Single Frame, Loxsly, and I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness (coverage coming later). The winner? Like you have to freakin' guess... Single Frame, jackass!

Anyhow, it had been a while since last seeing these guys live, and I hate to say it, but in that span of time I almost forgot why SF was my favorite (an unforgivable flaw, I know). Well with that said, their set last night was just what I needed to get my shit back together. The band unapologetically blasted themselves back up onto the showgazer throne, where they rightfully belong.

Furthermore, it was my first time seeing them with new sampler Kevin Adickes (who's previously played with Austin's The Octopus Project), and the sound was great. Even some of those charming between-track interludes from Wetheads Come Running made an appearance, which was an added bonus. And to top it all off, Adreon actually had a conversation with Ian's guitar pickups at one point via cellphone (good luck visualizing that one)! Check it:

The previous three

Adreon doing the mic/drum combo

Jason showing that keyboard who's boss

That's Kevin in the back and Adreon's fiance Heather up
front doing some vintage blogging

Seriously, how many bands do you know that play the typewriter?

So, last night served to remind me of how special each and every Single Frame show is. I can't manage to recall even one show of theirs during which I wasn't wide-eyed in amazement at some point, and that's pretty damn neat if you ask me. Be sure to check them out at this year's SXSW.

And lastly, Single Frame's new remix album, Everything Wants to Be Used for What It Was Made For, comes out April 11th and includes remixes, new material, and old demos collected over the last five years. I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy.

Album cover taken from The Austin Chronicle.

Ok now, moving on to the opener, Loxsly, another great Austin band who I've mentioned once before. Last time I went to a Loxsly show, I arrived just as they were leaving the stage. That terrible fate would not repeat itself after having received the following Myspace bulletin:

"Our wonderful drummer John is on holiday, but they think they have figured out how to beam him in via satellite. The boys are crazily running around figuring out technical equipment to make it happen. They are even going to throw in some beats to keep it all 'fresh.' Come check it out. It may all blow up in their faces. You love or hate them anyways."

That was enough to sell me. So, sure enough, I show up and there's the drummer all beamed in and shit from Japan! Ok, so the band may have prerecorded him playing along to the songs in a field, but it was pretty entertaining nonetheless. That's not to mention that the music itself was damn skippy. I'll definitely be checking them out again when the drummer gets back into town (perhaps by the time Wall of Sound rolls around?)

The full band; E. Lugo on bass on the far right

John Kelley and his kit, "beamed in"

Justin Douglas on steel guitar and Garrett Johnston
on the standard guit

Cody Ground on vocals/synths

See all 19 photos from the show at my flickr page.