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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Paper South (In-Store) @ End of an Ear, 2/25/2006

After wanting to see these guys live for almost three months now, I finally got my chance to check out The Paper South this past Saturday at End of an Ear Records. The event was a cd release shindig for their first and self-titled EP, which includes six damn good shoegazy grooves (again, downloadable here; but please, buy the freakin' record!).

As for their performance, it was really good, easily exceeding all of my expectations. Each and every song performed live transcended its recorded counterpart, and that's saying a lot since the cd hasn't left my car stereo since I bought it at the show. Shawn O'Keefe's vocals were particularly different in the live setting, coming across with a slightly harder edge and sounding more their age, all the while blending gracefully in and out of the wall of sound created by the drums and guitars. Have a look at what you missed:

Obligatory full band shot

Ken Hatten on guitar and Shawn O'Keefe on guitar + vox

Justin Bankston on bass

And that's John Wilkins in the back on the kit

See all 37 photos at my flickr page.

And then, of course, go see them live for yourself. Oh, and guess what, dear reader? You're in luck! Why? Because they play tonight at Emo's with another showgazer favorite, Cue! Seriously, you need to go to this show. It's their official cd release party, meaning they're guaranteed to sound awesome, and then when they do, you can buy their beautiful EP right then and there. In the words of David Starsky, "Do it!".


Anonymous Ru said...

It was indeed a fun in-store. I was really impressed with their sound and the singer's yell! Thanks again for taking me with you. //ru

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the drummer looks startled by your photo.


5:50 AM  
Blogger Derek said...

ru - it was my pleasure

justin - ha, i hope not. i always try to keep the flash off when possible, as not to be that guy (which i inevitably am most of the time anyway).

9:04 AM  

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