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Friday, March 03, 2006

Single Frame, Loxsly @ The Parish, 3/2/2006

Wow, last night was hectic, but in the best way possible. I was fortunate enough to catch three great bands at two venues, one such band even being my all-time favorite (and I'm not talking just locally). Last night's nominees for showgazer's favorite band (ever): Single Frame, Loxsly, and I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness (coverage coming later). The winner? Like you have to freakin' guess... Single Frame, jackass!

Anyhow, it had been a while since last seeing these guys live, and I hate to say it, but in that span of time I almost forgot why SF was my favorite (an unforgivable flaw, I know). Well with that said, their set last night was just what I needed to get my shit back together. The band unapologetically blasted themselves back up onto the showgazer throne, where they rightfully belong.

Furthermore, it was my first time seeing them with new sampler Kevin Adickes (who's previously played with Austin's The Octopus Project), and the sound was great. Even some of those charming between-track interludes from Wetheads Come Running made an appearance, which was an added bonus. And to top it all off, Adreon actually had a conversation with Ian's guitar pickups at one point via cellphone (good luck visualizing that one)! Check it:

The previous three

Adreon doing the mic/drum combo

Jason showing that keyboard who's boss

That's Kevin in the back and Adreon's fiance Heather up
front doing some vintage blogging

Seriously, how many bands do you know that play the typewriter?

So, last night served to remind me of how special each and every Single Frame show is. I can't manage to recall even one show of theirs during which I wasn't wide-eyed in amazement at some point, and that's pretty damn neat if you ask me. Be sure to check them out at this year's SXSW.

And lastly, Single Frame's new remix album, Everything Wants to Be Used for What It Was Made For, comes out April 11th and includes remixes, new material, and old demos collected over the last five years. I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy.

Album cover taken from The Austin Chronicle.

Ok now, moving on to the opener, Loxsly, another great Austin band who I've mentioned once before. Last time I went to a Loxsly show, I arrived just as they were leaving the stage. That terrible fate would not repeat itself after having received the following Myspace bulletin:

"Our wonderful drummer John is on holiday, but they think they have figured out how to beam him in via satellite. The boys are crazily running around figuring out technical equipment to make it happen. They are even going to throw in some beats to keep it all 'fresh.' Come check it out. It may all blow up in their faces. You love or hate them anyways."

That was enough to sell me. So, sure enough, I show up and there's the drummer all beamed in and shit from Japan! Ok, so the band may have prerecorded him playing along to the songs in a field, but it was pretty entertaining nonetheless. That's not to mention that the music itself was damn skippy. I'll definitely be checking them out again when the drummer gets back into town (perhaps by the time Wall of Sound rolls around?)

The full band; E. Lugo on bass on the far right

John Kelley and his kit, "beamed in"

Justin Douglas on steel guitar and Garrett Johnston
on the standard guit

Cody Ground on vocals/synths

See all 19 photos from the show at my flickr page.


Anonymous ru said...

Hi, love. Is Loxsly kind of twangy? I didn't know they use a steel guitar.

Nice Single Frame pics. (I'll lose your balance).

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been announced that Loxsly will be playing at the party on Wednesday during SXSW. I thought The Black Angels were playing it too, but they're not listed. Lots of other good Austin bands though...

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, might as well give a link: party schedule

3:37 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

yeah, i have my eye on that party too... and don't count the black angels out yet. did you see this line?

3:30AM - SPECIAL GUEST - Austin, TX

i know it sounds crazy, but i think these guys have already reached "SPECIAL GUEST" status.

5:46 PM  

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