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Thursday, March 23, 2006

SXSW Highlight: Band of Horses... Twice. (Bitch)

Yeah, that's right... Band of Horses times two for me, suckas. This was the "must see" band of SXSW for me and several other friends, all of us having been obsessed with their phenomenal Everything All The Time over the last couple months.

I'll never forget the god forsaken line we had to wait in for over two hours outside of Red Eyed Fly to see these guys (watching as David Cross, Ryan Schreiber, and countless other hot shots strolled right in), but holy hell was it worth it. Trust me, they deserve that rating. Rolling in with more tats than a group of escape convicts, and even more guitars on top of that, these guys rocked face at their SubPop showcase. Have a look:

Singer Ben Bridwell

Guitarist Mat Brooke

Uhhh... playing the show

Dude's voice is legit, as well as that neck tat

He stands too!

Wicked good drummer

Band of Guitars?

And then it was over to the End of And Ear in-store on Saturday. They would have been flawless if that Georgia shirt was burnt orange and had a longhorn on it.

Full Band

The two Official Horses; those pictures on the wall
were hanging straight at one point.

Singin' and Strummin'

Bassist and Keyboardist

Three string bass and lonestar


Anonymous sam g said...

ditto. on all counts. how about BOH be better. oh yeah, not possible.

2:17 PM  

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