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Monday, March 20, 2006

SXSW Highlight: Envelopes @ The Parish, 3/15/06

So SXSW 2006 is over, and predictably, I feel like ass. While not as great a festival for me as previous years, I have to say that there were some damn fine moments and some bands seen that absolutely blew me away. One such band was Envelopes, who happened to be playing the first official showcase slot of the festival (8:00pm on Wednesday for those not familiar). I must thank Ryan Catbird for the suggestion on seeing these guys (and gal), for their blend of quirky synth-rock all the way from Sweden was exactly what I needed to pep me up after an afternoon of boozing. And speaking of Sweden, seriously go pick up that Hemstad disc from Catbird Records ASAP. These Swedes make some seriously fun music, surely to elevate you above that case of the Mondays you're no doubt enduring at the moment.

Anyhow, back to Evelopes. Check out these pics, and try your best not to fall in love with guitarist Audrey Pic:

Martin Karlsson on bass

Henrik Orrling and Audrey Pic on guitars/vocals

Check Henrik's shirt... apparently he's an Envelopes fan

Audrey is the cutest musician I've ever seen, hands down

Filip Ekander on drums

Rockin' out

What's up? She looks nice right?

Sike! Sexy time.

And that's Fredrik Berglind-Dehlin in the back, wearing his favorite band shit too

Now run over to Catbirdseat and download a bunch of their tunes... run!


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