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Monday, March 20, 2006

SXSW: Sam's Best Of

A good buddy of mine, Sam (aka Snead, Snizzle, etc.), sent out this email with his SXSW favorites. Since his lame ass has no online presence, I figured I'd share it with you right here seeing as I pretty much agree with all of his picks. Plus, I love having other chumps write my content for me (just kidding Sam... but not really). And the winners are:


Best Show: Band of Horses. Too hard to pick between the two shows I saw, but I really dug the in-store. The band seemed less nervous not in front of loads of sub pop fools. But I can’t discount the 2+ hours we waited to get into the showcase show. These guys are amazing.

Best Overall Experience: KEXP @ ACL. This was just cool. The ACL studio was small, intimate and everything sounded perfect. And the KEXP people I met were all really cool. Only complaint was no beer. Oh well…some sober(ish) shows are fun too.

Best Surprise... "We Are Actually Legit Live!": Editors. Man, these guys sounded so good at the KEXP broadcast. They were on fire.

Most Bizzare, But Glad I Went: Art Brut. It was oddly entertaining. The singer is just bizarre. The Pringles-can-man moustache is legit. And before every song: [in think brit accent] “Ready Art Brut?” good times.

Best Dancer/Craziest Singer: Ghostland Observatory. Oh man I’m glad I saw them finally. That singer is mad crazy w/ the dancing and Willie Nelson braids. A definite must see.

Best Celeb Encounter: trying to con David Cross into sneaking us into the Sub Pop showcase, then finding out after we got in that he wasn’t trying to snub us. He just was worried about coming up w/ his own story to get in, which was actually quite lame, but worked for him. funny/cool dude.

Honorable Mentions: running into Aaron Dessner from The National … while wearing my National t-shirt. Someone needed to rep them in their absence I told him. He appreciated it. Also confirming from the source that the band was indeed not one of the many “special guest” slots at the festival. (I got more random love from that shirt than I did all week … the word is out. The National are legit. FYI)


Anonymous Suzuki said...

Derek- you forgot "Samsicle".
Samsicle- you forgot nothing. nice recap.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous sam g said...

dear god that picture is scary. in my defense i was likely very intoxicated at the time. plus sxsw just does that to you after a few days. yayah.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Hey Derek, did you meet a guy named Kyle from KEXP?

3:49 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

Greg, nah I actually didn't. I met an intern named Richard and the afternoon DJ Cheryl Waters. Was he in town?

11:36 AM  
Blogger cindy hotpoint said...

That Dessner kid was everywhere! :D

1:17 PM  

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