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Monday, April 03, 2006

FROM: sam (regular music fan)
MSG: let the BOYCOTT begin!

ACL Early Bird my ass. Once again it's time to get angry with the music festival hype machine. From today's ACL website:

The $35 tickets have sold out.
It took about 42 minutes to go through 3,000 tickets, and we appreciate your patience, stamina, and perseverance

Hey thanks for that info! I still haven't gotten the email from the mailing list, to which I've been subscribed to for years, saying they even went onsale yet! I have to hear that ACL early bird tix go onsale from a friend frantically trying to get shut out himself. I get the "buy now" button only to find that my wait time is a mere 88 minutes! But don't refresh that page because it could slow my chances of getting tickets. Yeah right. That page doesn't refresh. Wait time will indefinitely be 88 minutes. Why? Because FrontgateTickets sucks. They can't handle the server load so they throw up static "make the user feel good" web pages. DON'T REFRESH!!! We can't get you tickets now, or 10 hours from now, but as long as you feel good about it in the mean time.

FrontGate's site has traditionally sucked so I should be used to it by now. But that doesn't sheild you from the pain ACL. If you are going to sell early bird tix at least give EVERYONE a shot at it! Maybe I'll get that email saying they went onsale tomorrow. Or next week! I've heard reports from numerous friends that the emails are trickling in... they get excited only to find they sold out hours ago. Fools.

Now I struggle with even wanting to go. Should i shell out $100+ to get ravaged by dust storms and sweltering heat? Probably not, but if Radiohead turns out to be the magical headliner I might be sad for not being there. Screw it... I won't be able to see through the dirt haze anyway.

I think I might take my $100+, buy a keg of LiveOak Hefe and enjoy the drunkeness w/ my dog in the backyard as I listen to the Band of Horses album on repeat for 3 days straight. Take that ACL! You're not invited. But all boycotting music fans are.

Oh what's up! This just in ... i just got my ACL "early bird" email at a whopping 10:22 PM! i better hurry and try to get those tickets. SIKE. now they're just rubbing it in. watch your back ACL. you just lost a customer for life. bitches.

UPDATE: Additional blogger fury to be found here, here, and here (read the comments). Let us bond together in hatred, fellow Austinites!

P.s. - Tim, I like your ACL alternative the best.


Anonymous Runi said...

Sam, you are eloquent and wise. I still haven't gotten my e-mail about the early-bird tickets. I bet those no-talent ass clowns who organized this just hooked up their friends. I'm hoping I can party like a rockstar with you, Quincy, and hefe come September.


12:40 AM  
Blogger sam said...

done and DONE! you're always welcome Suzuki. don't forget the mini-cobblers!

9:38 AM  
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Anonymous eliz. s. said...

This post was picked for Austinist's best of the local blogs for this week. Way to show our collective angst!

12:26 PM  

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