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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alexi Murdoch rocks(?) Waterloo Records

British singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch joined the fine folks at Waterloo Records Wednesday afternoon for a 5-song set from his recent debut album, Time Without Consequence. I was there. It was legit.

I've heard Murdoch a few times before ... most recently on Seattle's KEXP (yeah I rep it. I'm a member. no shame in the game). But I first heard him from his amazing song 'Orange Sky' featured in the movie Garden State (also played on KEXP). Sadly this masterpiece did not make it on to the infamous soundtrack for the movie. It was probably a ploy to get us to all wait 2 years for the full length album. Well I'm sold. It's finally out and it's on the album. Hooray for everyone. Sadly he did not play it for the Waterloo on-lookers.

I say "rock(?)" because Murdoch doesn't technically rock. It's way more soft-core. It's pretty much him, his guitar, and his beautiful lyrics. And it doesn't hurt that his voice is amazing as well. At least that's how to describe his performance at the 'loo. The album is a little more fleshed out, but the centerpiece is him and his guitar. I'm curious how his offical live show goes. Does he play w/ a band? Maybe yes, maybe no. But give him an acoustic guitar and that's pretty much all you need. Anyone that would like to know what he's like live, check him out Thursday night (6/15) at Stubbs and report back. I will be down the street at Emos catching The Constantines, but more about them tomorrow.

I'd recommend picking up Murdoch's first full length. It's quite good. It would make a great rainy day soundtrack or something to put on when you need a break from the bang and clatter of the other indie-rock bands we spout about on this site (see Tapes 'n Tapes & Cold War Kids).


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