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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fear Not. Showgazer is alive! and w/ shows to speak of ...

It's been a while, yes. For that showgazer apologizes. Being slaves to the proverbial "man" have forced showgazer under ground -- well, more like in a cubicle -- for a while. Please forgive us.

Ok, now with that out of the way, on to bidniss. It's been a while since I've been to a good show, so I figured I'd point out some good upcoming shows that I'm excited about. That is not to say we haven't been to good shows. We have not forsaken you Black Angels -- we're just lazy on the posting. But we've been through that (see above). The show at the Parish a while back was top notch.

Now on to this week in shows to gaze ...

Tuesday 6/13

Tapes 'n Tapes @ Waterloo Records (free instore 5pm)
Tapes 'n Tapes, Figurines, Cold War Kids @ Stubb's (indoors)
comments: I'm headed to the windy city (that's Chicago for all complete idiots out there) for the fork fest at the end of july. Just can't pass up a chance to see The National and Band of Horses in my old stomping grounds of chi-town. Got CUBS tix too. It's shaping up to be a quality weekend. Anyway ... Tapes 'n Tapes are also on the bill, so I wasn't too thrilled about this show. Then I discovered it was a mere $10! That's insanity. + 2 openers that have mad hype and at least one of them has to be worth their weight in blog-mania. I'm guessin' it's those Kids. I dig some of what I've heard from their 3 EPs. Not too crazy about the Figurines from what I've peeped, but they might surprise. You never know. For $10 I'm willing to find out.

Thursday 6/15
Constantines @ Waterloo Records (free instore 5pm)
Constantines, Oakley Hall, Camp X-Ray, Possessed by Paul James, Come Latelys @ Emo's
comments: I've been waiting to see The Constantines ever since I finally got around to listening to their awesome 3rd disc, Tournament of Hearts. Hearing 'Soon Enough' live will be worth the price of admission for me. That song contains one of my favorite lyrics of all 2005 discs: women are winning the tournament of hearts ... somebody's gotta lose. Check these Canadians out and you surley won't lose. (i hope). Also a mere $10.

Friday 6/16
I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness @ Elysium
The Streets, Lady Sovereign @ La Zona Rosa
comments: probably won't be checking out either of these shows, but they will most likely be good. I love you, but i've already seen you a few times. And for the hippity hop ... never really been my thing checking it out live. I dig on some Mike Skinner on disc, but let's keep that confined to just me in my car (with the windows rolled up). I keed. I'm really black. Ok, not really. A man can dream.

And that's just this week. Next week is shaping up to be dirty good ...

Monday 6/19
The Walkmen, Richard Swift, Talkdemonic @ La Zona Rosa
comments: probably won't be at this one, as it's a school night. BUT ... the walkmen's latest is pretty good. I like. Also, openers Talkdemonic were picked to open for my current favorite band -- The National -- for a few shows earlier this year. That is instant cred as far as I'm concerned. This show will not disappoint.

Tuesday 6/20
Beck, Jamie Lidell @ the
comments: it's BECK. He's a legend. And the Backyard is a dope venue. (At least it used to be. It's been tainted by that chump from Matchbox 20 and that chump from Creed, but Bob Dylan likes the place, so that's good enough for me). I know it's a hefty $40 show, but live a little. I haven't seen Beck EVER, so I figure he's due. There better be white boy breakdancing. Or at least some robot.

Friday 6/23
Sonic Youth, Awesome Color @
comments: never really got into Sonic Youth, but I understand lots of peeps like them. That's pretty much why they're on the list. Check it out if you dig.

Saturday 6/24
The Futureheads, French Kicks @
La Zona Rosa
comments: never been much for the Futureheads. saw them open for the Delays a long time ago and they just annoyed me. Also can't get past their best song being a cover (of Kate Bush). Maybe they're better now that they've made a shitload of money in Europe. But I doubt it. My money's on the French Kicks. I've only peeped their new disc, Two Thousand, once or twice, but I think I like it. It needs more listens, but I might check them out if I am really hard up for something to do Sat night. Likely I will be preparing myself for the greatness that is to come Sunday night at the Parish...

Sunday 6/25

Band of Horses, Mt. Egypt, The Can't See @ the
Parish Room
Peter & the Wolf @
comments: Sorry Red. Hope the sailboat tour was a success. But you have some stiff competition up the street at a venue that doesn't cause death while using the restroom or sound like a tin can. BAND of HORSES ride into town again after a pair of legit shows at SXSW in March. They've been on the road for a while and I'm eagerly awaiting to see how they've honed their performance chops since a nervous show amongst record execs (and David Cross) at the Red Eye Fly. Favorite album of the year (so far ... damn that Silversun Pickups album for making me choose!) + favorite Austin venue = good times. You've been warned. I'm certain this will be one of my favorite shows of 2006.

That's all she wrote. My picks: Band of Horses, Constantines, Tapes (x2). Do with that what you will.

ps. The Mavs just went up 2-0. YAYAH! Sorry Derek (he likes the Spurs). God will forgive you. Us Mavs fans have been through a lot of shitty years to get here (pretty much my whole natural life). Just let us have our fun.


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