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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

SOUND ream

In a suprising turn of events, our "pals" over at the fork have decided to dole out even more low blows on Austin's beloved SOUND team. Surprising that they would take shots at the band? Hardly, considering last week's absurd review of Movie Monster. My real surprise (which quickly turned to disgust) was had in Pitchfork's undying hatred for such a promising young band, even after already destroying them with an embarrassing 3.7.

If you haven't already caught wind of this latest Pitchfork attack, check it out here.

Yeah, so basically, SOUND team posted a humorous clip trying to make light of some undeserved bad fortune. You, Ryan Schreiber, Editor-in-Chief of the most influential indie music rag (online or not), mean to tell me that that deserves this response?!

"In retaliation of the 3.7 rating, the band-- or someone purporting to be them-- posted a YouTube video depicting a sort of Sound Team effigy being mutilated, thrown off a cliff, burned, and dismembered by a Pitchfork. Creepy! That's exactly what we did to our promo copy this weekend!

In the band's defense, the music backing up the visuals here is a vast improvement over their record. A bit more focus and you'll have it, guys..."

Good one Shreiber. Way to reveal yourself to your readers as a juvenile, spiteful, no-talent prick. What did SOUND team ever do to you? Is it the major label? Is it the nods to their influences through great music? Did they steal some of your hipster faithfuls from your SXSW showcase during one of their far superior dayshows? I just don't get it.

I've watched over the years as Pitchfork has taken the literary dump on more than a handful of undeserving bands, but the malice usually ended there. But now with Pitchfork's readership reaching an exponentially larger and larger audience, their journalistic responsibility and respect of power seems to be falling farther and farther. How backwards is that?

Anyhow, I've depoloyed an email to the source, which will almost certainly not be responded to, but atleast I can take solace in knowing that I'm not the only one a little miffed about this whole thing. Check it:

Chris' mention and the 40 or so comments that came after
Zane's personal discussion with Pitchfork reviewer Marc Hogan
More commentary from Eric Grubbs
Austinist's post
SOUND team's graphic depiction of the review

UPDATE: And more...

Tim O Thompson chimes in
More from Zane
Noise for toaster has some great thoughts...

"if they can't handle the rise of influence from independent music bloggers, even with the same ultimate goal in mind - that is, to share good undiscovered music - and continue relentlessly to step up and imitate the qualities of blog posts (mp3 downloads, youtube streaming, live concert pictures blog-style), we have a bunch of immature foot-stomping adults on our hands."

The text in bold brings up an especially great point. Pitchfork's news feed is in fact now just a blog engine, but the ability to comment on a post is for some reason unavailable. Gosh, I wonder why...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I think Schreiber's being sort of positive. In a backhanded, fucked up sort of way.

10:27 AM  
Blogger sam said...

sort of positive?!?! i don't see it 'anonymous' (are you schreiber?). "a bit more focus guys..." give me a break. has schreiber ever created music himself? what makes him the expert on musical focus? someone needs to help him deflate that ego.

i can only imagine that the team of sound's major label ties have caused the fork to maliciously get their hate on. i don't get that. hate on death cab for putting out a lame major label debut album, but an album that is actually good -- no sir. Movie Monster might not be an instant classic, but it's definitely in the 7-8 range. i think the fork's rating rules must have the following category: major label? --> subtract 4

i'll have more hate for this atrocity i'm sure after seeing Sound Team @ emos on Saturday. a good live performance always makes me like a good album more.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Christopher Zane said...

Good call, Derek. I was pretty surprised to hear back from Hogan, and as I say, he's a personable guy, even if I hate his review. This response from Schreiber, though, is insane. This is what we're learning to expect from Pitchfork.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Pitchfork Will Eat Itself said...

Surely Pfork is enjoying every bit of it.

Or are they? Is all this just damage control?

Who's to say and how to say it?

Thompson's on to something, although Pfork does still own the right to explore their own insecure form of creative freedom.

That said, Pitchfork's nagging "movie monsters," or fears, (to paraphrase their malicious "allusions") are very clearly forcing them to (r)ape the essence of a format, a medium they simply can't compete with.

They're a bit of a socialist rag, pissing on democracy, are they not now?

What we have here is tastefully juvenile. On Sound Team's part, I mean.

I commend them for unabashedly attempting to further democratize this process.

Oh, and just while writing -- just now -- these ramblings spawned a little thought that sums up just about all of this:

Pitchfork Will Eat Itself

4:49 PM  

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